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Girls Lying on Ground

Projects In Development

Letters to Ganesha

An overworked, self-indulgent writer travels to India during the Ganesha festival with his incurably romantic girlfriend, hoping to experience something magical together, but they must first deal with their bizarre friend's love life back at home for the magic to work.   

Third Culture Creative's vision is to create a cross-cultural platform that supports a collection of beliefs, perceptions, and experiences and to share them through the arts. To do so, we have brought a select group of conscious artists to synchronize

art, music, film, and animation masterfully. Together, we aim to push creative boundaries by working with a diverse group of artists who ingeniously collaborate to create leading-edge films, television programming, animation, theatrical experiences, and art installations.

# Be Global






A one-hour dramatic-comedy set in LA.


Victor Singer aspires to be Hollywood's next big thing, but if you've ever looked up the term chewed you up and spat you out? You might see a picture of Victor Singer sleeping in his car, and writing his next big Hollywood screenplay on scraps of paper. Getting a job is out of the question- writing is his job; only it hasn't paid him in over a year. Having exhausted his brother's generosity, Victor is forced to get a job at a gothic nightclub called the BANK. 


TV in Development

angrymovieguy 1553-2400  2.jpg
Book to Film
A fast-paced, sometimes slapstick film-industry novel with a vibrant cast of characters."
Kirkus Review

ANGRY MOVIE GUY  stars Charlie Zimmerman, an awkward film reviewer that chooses to become a sensational, verbally incontinent film critic, known as the Angry Movie Guy, to achieve fame and success. At the height of Charlie's career, his world is flipped upside-down when his biting review and explosive T.V. fit threatens to destroy Alexa's career, a fiery independent filmmaker with a take charge, no B.S. attitude. Readers will revel in this heart-warming Grinch-like personal redemption story as Charlie tries to move beyond his egocentric personality and win over his worst enemy

Angry Movie Guy


Suffer Club takes place on present day Earth.  It begins when a gang of bikers from future day Earth go through a time warp and end up at a theme park named Lolli World located at St. Kircher's crossing.




Square Monkey Publishing in partnership with 3CC

Get In Touch

Square Monkey Publishing is a boutique publishing company located in the heart of Manhattan.  SMP is dedicated to high quality, well-crafted, timeless storytelling that has the power to educate, entertain, and transform people's lives.  We offer publishing, editorial, writing, and coaching services for authors.


Books in Development

Little Red and Vandal Wolf


On the way to visit her sick grandma in Brooklyn,

Little Red strolls through the neighborhoods of NYC and discovers the urban street art and graffiti that define many of the communities throughout the City. Little Red visits many historical sites, including the Keith Haring wall, Freeman alley,and the World Trade Center, where she discovers the amazing art painted by local and international artists.

Get In Touch

A year after a horrible car accident, Kate's past is still a blur, and her doctor is treating her for amnesia and (FMS) false memory syndrome. Searching for truths, Kate visits her parent's summer home but instead, she receives a terrifying wake-up call when she discovers someone or something has bricked her inside their home. Kate's only link to the outside world is Nick, who is also bricked inside his house and grappling to hold onto his sanity. Not sure if the threats are real, imagined, or flashbacks, they examine the events leading up to that fateful day.


Be Safe Social Butterflies

Summertime - Izzy Church
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Izzy Church

Summertime Single

EP for Eve Returns Project in development

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After years of living a life of crime, Maurice learned the error of his ways, and gave up on trying to be made, but he now struggles to maintain a relationship with his wife, Maurine, who has grown accustomed to the luxurious life of a gangster's moll. Left with a stack of bills, a nearly empty bank account, and a miserable husband, Maurine attempts to get a "normal" job as a tour guide.