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They say that you can’t have it fast, affordable, and excellent quality you can only pick two. We believe that’s not good enough. So, we’re the exception; you get all three with us. We consistently provide extremely rapid turn-around times, offer exceptionally affordable rates, and deliver truly superior quality.

We’re always open too new challenges and ideas. If you don't see something on the list, let’s chat about the possibilities. Give us a call to discuss your situation and see that we’re the perfect fit for your project. Chances are, we’ll not only meet your needs but exceed your expectations.

Check out our services, and you’ll understand why we stay busy and receive rave reviews. We know every client is unique with unique needs and purposes. We treat them as such, and they love us for it. We’re sure you’ll agree that we’re the right artists for your needs.


The right design makes all the difference. Creating the proper layout takes more than the ability to use computer software or draw a straight line. We work with a select group of artists who can create your professional logo, book cover, illustrations, or a professional website that stands out from the rest. Professional graphics and web design take a creative eye, trained by years of experience to identify the best fonts, colors, images, and layout for each project. We've got a wealth of experience in a wide range of design situations. Our talent is unmatched for creating memorable content.


Let us help you book your dream job. We have shot hundreds of actors that have gone on to book major roles on TV and film projects. Having a great headshot might just be what you need to get the break you deserve in this competitive industry. If you are a model, singer, or musician, you will want to create a website with high-quality photos that reflect your brand. 3CC offers the best high-quality images at an affordable price. Set up a professional photo shoot today with one of our in-house photographers and get ready to book that gig!



I have had a wonderful experience working with Izzy Church on two different occasions. Her positive energy makes any project flow. I’ve been a fan of hers and she has my vote in all her endeavors. 

—Empress H. (Makeup Artist)



Have you ever wanted to write a screenplay, a short film, play, or a TV pilot. Do you not know how to get started? Do you need revisions? Let our team of experts help you create a script that will stand out from the crowd. A professional writer will tell you writing is rewriting. The rewriting process is unavoidable because no idea is as good as it's a second and third rewrite. Ideas are everywhere, so don't be afraid to throw away your babies. Keep a journal with you at all times, free write in the morning, afternoon, or whenever you have time. Don't be concerned about perfecting the idea because that takes time, patience, and encouragement. 

3CC production team has worked on feature films, shorts, and TV pilots. You can't achieve greatness in a bubble. That is why Third Culture Creative treats every project as unique and selects its team to match it.When you independently produce a project, anything can go wrong. Let our team of professionals guide you through the process. Together we can create a production that you can be proud of, and that makes you stand out from the crowd without having to break the bank. 

Acting Demo Reels

Edit or Re-edit a Reel - Write a Scene or Monologue -acting website


Screenplay (1st & 2nd draft) - Script Consulting - Script Revisions


Feature length, shorts, industrial, animation


logo, branding, website


Marketing, Book Consultation, Film Consultation


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We love working with singer-songwriters. Let us help you get noticed.

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We offer several affordable high-quality headshot packages to fit your needs.

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We offer packages for actor-models that need portfolio shots and headshots . 

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