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3rd Culture Creative

- A New York based Agency - Production Company-
  Content Incubator.

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NYU Kimmel Gallery

WTC- Street to Tower Exhibition

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3rd Culture Creative is a Contentent Incubator for Global Art Projects.





Comtemporary Artists Street Artists



Raising money for Ronald McDonald House

Pamela Jean Tinnen
Head Curator of NYU Kimmel Gallery

Collaborating with 3CC on Art Street: 13 Windows 1 Wall was not only extremely successful, but a total blast. To this day, we continue to get more compliments on that exhibition than any others in no small part because of the brilliant selection of artists 3CC connected us at NYU with. 


Curating multi-artist shows such as this one, with such a diverse group of artists who bring to the can so often end up with headaches or unmet expectations but it was the exact opposite with this show and I believe that to be because of the professionalism, curatorial talent, and ingenuity of the team at 3CC. The show looked fantastic, our artists were thrilled and the public was blown away. I can't say enough positive things about 3CC, would highly recommend them and work with them again in an instant!

What People are Saying:
Pamela Jean Tinnen
Gourmet Lunch

Director/DP for Miami Supper Club


NYU Kimmel Gallery

Be Global Creatives




3rd Culture Creative is currently in preproduction for the short psychological thriller Solomon's Dream (working title)


Due to COVID19 - The  Maureen & Maurice Show an immersive multi-site experience is coming soon to NYC.


The children's street art book Little Red & Vandal Wolf: You're in My Hood Now will be published in the fall due to a delay in the schedule.

WTC -Tower#4

  You were born with potential.

  You were born with goodness and trust.

  You were born with ideals and dreams.

  You were born with greatness. 


  You were born with wings.

  You are not meant for crawling, so don't.

  You have wings.

  Learn to use them and fly.





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From my point of view its very simple.  Without working with Izzy and Marten as my art agents in my first attempt to get in the art scene of New York. i would never get the chance to be in.


Izzy and Marten worked fast and I found my self as a part of the "NO MORE BLACK TARGETS" art group and showing in some great of art exhibits.


Izzy and Marten found the way to lead me into the famous Street To Tower Exhibit at the World Trade Center and from there to a solo show at the World Trade Gallery.

3rdculturecreative as one of the best teams to work with.


I recommend Izzy and Marten. 



Gil Goren



I have worked with both Izzy and Maten at 3rd Culture Creative in the role of talent, casting, and co-producing. 


All experiences were incredibly professional  I learned much more hands-on knowledge than I would've had access to on another set.

3rd Culture Creative helped take my career to the next level.

Kevin Janaway  Comedian


Working on The Suffer Club was without a doubt the most rewarding part of my career to date.


With Izzy Church’s instructions and guidance, we turned a few drawings and ideas into a fleshed-out world with fantastic, quirky characters and a fun story. With more time and development, the show will easily find its way onto late-night TV,


joining the likes of South Park and Rick & Morty.

Isreal Caraballo


Clients and Creative Collaborators

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