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Artist Price List

The following is a list of artwork available for purchase

Available Work

All artwork available for purchase are subject to applicable, framing, taxes and shipping costs

7. Living Reef Series, Crossing Barriers 4.jpeg
FLSeaWall.Vignette.Lvls.DeSat.3299.Gala.Larger copy 2.jpg
Screen Shot 2024-03-06 at 4.10.15 PM.png
Alfons Rodriquez windows 8.png
OnTheLookout copy.jpg
Screen Shot 2024-03-06 at 2.49.56 PM.png
ilyhan Sayin.jpg
Screen Shot 2024-04-06 at 5.06.40 PM.png

George Goodridge

Click above for full price list

Jim Richards

Click above for full price list

Yaya Toyber

2 prints at $1000.00 each

Alfons Rodriguez

photographs at $400-$500.00 each

Selva Ozelli

14 - 8 x 8 oil paintings at $500.00 each

Izzy Church & Matty Austin

Sculpture $2000.00

Leslie Jean-Bart

Inquire - Archival pigment print

(first 5 are $1200.00 each)

Marten Kayle

Oceans of Love - Inquire

Ocean Harvest Boat Print - $200.00

Zinnia Gutowski

Hummingbird on Zinnia flower $150

Pink butterfly on zinnia flower $150

One of Hundred Islands $200

Manila Bay $200

Mactan Island Bamboo house $200

Stirling Brenna

The Beginning of the End

Wood, Canvas, and Acrylic.


Rose Studer

1 glass sculpture at $300.00


Ilhan sayin

1 oil painting of pink flower $500.00

Mehmet Kuran

Prints $200.00 each

Fatma Kadir

1 oil painting of bird at $500.00

Jamie Pomeranz

Blue Dream
Night Watcher


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