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3rd Culture Collective

International Model & Talent

Izzy Church of 3rd Culture Productions LLC is an official Director of the 2024 MAAI Model and Talent Coonvention. Contact us if you are interested in the closed event.


  1. Training Sessions:

  2. Posture and Movement:

  3. Expression and Presence:

  4. Styling and Grooming:

  5. Feedback and Coaching: .

  6. Runway Practice:


  1. Body Confidence:

  2. Posing Techniques:

  3. Facial Expressions:

  4. Movement and Dynamics:

  5. Styling and Grooming:

  6. Confidence and Professionalism:

  7. Feedback and Rehearsals:


  1. Posing Techniques:

  2. Expression and Emotion:

  3. Body Awareness and Movement:

  4. Styling and Grooming:

  5. Understanding Lighting and Camera Angles:

  6. Professionalism and Collaboration:

  7. Portfolio Development:


  1. Understanding the Medium:

  2. Script Interpretation:

  3. Character Development:

  4. Delivery and Performance:

  5. Adaptability:

  6. Feedback and Rehearsals:

Acting On-Camera

  1. Understanding the Camera:

  2. Naturalistic Acting:

  3. Eyeline and Focus:

  4. Blocking and Movement:

  5. Character Development:

  6. Emotional Truthfulness:

  7. Audition Technique:

  8. Industry Insights:


  1. Physical Conditioning:

  2. Runway Walking: Training

  3. Posing and Expression:

  4. Styling and Grooming:

  5. Professionalism and

  6. Portfolio Development:

  7. Networking and Career Development:

Who is MAAI

The Modelling Association of America International is the founder of the cocept of the modeling and talent convention.  They have 58 years of knowledge and expertise in the industry.  MAAI offers various opportunities for models and talented individuals, including their annual convention and showcase.  This event brings together models and talented people and puts them in front of international agents, casting directors, A&R agents, and more.  MAAI also promotes educationa and ethical treatment of models and talent through their not-for-profit membership

The Modelling Association of America International conventions and showcases have attracted models and talented individuals from various backgrounds. 


Some notable attendees include:

  • Models from different agencies and modelling schools

  • Actors and actresses

  • Singers and musicians

  • Dancera and performers

  • Fashion designers and stylists

These conventions and showcases provide a platform for

aspiring and established talent to showcase their skills

and connect with industry professionals such as

international agents, casting directors, and media scouts.

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